February 1, 2016


Q: Is POINTS still active?

A: We made POINTS some years ago. It was a project where 2 people wanted to explore some programming, learn some skills, wanted to work together and build something that people could use.
At the moment, we are not working on POINTS anymore. There are a lot more modern and online multiple choice tools available today, but POINTS is still here for whoever is interested.

Q: Where can i find my admin code?

A: Admin code can be found  by clicking on: me

Q: Where can i find user manual?

A: The English user manual code can be found by clicking: me

The Dutch user manual code can be found by clicking: me


Q: In which languages has the program been translated in?
Q: Can I see the program before I download and install it?

A: Sure, you can. But the video's are outdated and in Dutch only.

teacher program: How to put a multiple choice test toghter: click me

student program: Some random questions: click me