Feel free

to use this program or to practice your Delphi skills on it.
2 applications

this download exists of 2 programs. a “teacher” version and a “student” version. the teacher creates the tests in teacher version. the student makes the test that the teacher made in student version.

input images

you can insert images into each question. these can be cropped into the right size.

insert .wma file (audio)

you can insert .wma files into each question. ain other words, you can record your question and insert it into a question, which already has an image that you chose.

OR… practise programming on it

POINTS is written in Delphi. So download it and learn more Delphi skills by editing the software. POINTS can add a sound file (.wma), but maybe you could create a built-in voice recorder? Or anything else you like to experiment on.

Download POINTS on sourceforge.org

POINTS Multiple Choice is made by

these 2 guys, who get a kick out of this kind of thing:
Arthur Wilson
Arthur Wilson
creator of all the demo content | responsible for the Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and English translations | responsible for the basic flow of the program
Teacher in a school for special educational needs for over 10 years. Passionate about webdesign and Android programming.
Pieter Valentijn
Pieter Valentijn
responsible for all of the programming for the enitere program. That’s a lot of code!
A Delphi programmer, more of a wizard. You name it, he’ll do it. Creator of some good Android apps, Accounting software and much more.

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